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Respected Neurologist Warns Negative Effects on Children's Brains from Excessive Computer Use

Recently, a leading scientist has warned that computer games can damage children brains and create temporary “dementia."
Renowned neurologist Baroness Susan Greenfield claims that online gaming and browsing Internet sites such Facebook can pose problems for millions of youngsters.
At a Dorset conference, Greenfield told the audience that an unhealthy addiction to technology can disable connections in the brain, literally “blowing the mind.”
The health effects have been widely debated involving children who spend around 2,000 hours a year staring at computer screens.
A former director of the Royal Institution, the oldest independent research body in the world, Greenfield, outlined the dangers of online gaming and browsing at the opening of a science centre at Sherbourne Girls’ School which is a £2.5million facility.
In her speech, Greenfield said that even though certain technology can encourage creativity, The Future of the Brain and The Brain of the Future - the overall effects are negative.
Greenfield said, “Screen technologies cause high arousal which in turn activates the brain system’s underlying addiction,” as reported (opens in new tab) by the Daily Mail.
“This results in the attraction of yet more screen-based activity,” she added.