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Steve Jobs Tribute Logo Designed by University Student Dubbed a Ripoff by Many on the Internet

The demise of Steve Jobs has changed a lot of things for lots of people throughout the world. Jonathan Mak's story is no exception.
Mak, a university student in Hong Kong, jumped from being an aspiring graphic designer to an Internet sensation when an image he produced spread rapidly across the digital platform after Apple’s Co-founder Steve Jobs died.
Mak designed a silhouetted profile of Jobs in the Apple company logo, which was then shared across various Web platforms and widely reported by the media.
Even actor Ashton Kutcher posted the design on his Twitter account.
But lately, Mak has found himself in the middle of negative reports by the media and various Internet postings.
Allegedly, Mak's design closely resembles a design produced earlier this year by Chris Thorney, a British graphic designer.
Mak stated that he developed the design in late August as a tribute to Jobs after he resigned from the post of Chief Executive of Apple.
The white Apple logo on a black background and a black silhouette of Jobs indented in the Apple was laying unnoticed in Mak’s blog for weeks until October 5th when Jobs died.