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Yearning For Apple : What Does The Future Hold For Sony Ericsson?

Over the past few days, two snippets of news have given us a hint as to where Sony Ericsson's future lies. Sony has been said to be interested in acquiring Ericsson's portion of the joint-venture making of the Japanese manufacturer a proper mobile device maker.

Then the chief executive of the company, Bert Nordberg, claimed that Sony Ericsson will be switching to smartphones only, citing a dramatic decline in the sales of feature phones on the market.

Smartphones are not only more lucrative but they would also allow Sony to extend its vision of an overarching ecosystem with devices like tablets, multimedia, players, gaming consoles and computers and smart TVs as well as key components.

As it stands, Sony's strategy is slightly disjointed. The PS Vita for example looks like a phone, feels like a phone but is a portable gaming device instead and will compete with the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play 2 when it launches.

Xperia phones, as good as they look, are not fully integrated in Sony's grander scheme of things. But things could eventually change once Sony brings back mobiles and tries to emulate what its archrival Apple has been doing for the last decade.

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