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£118.35 Hitachi XL3000 3TB USB 2.0 External Desktop Hard Drive

Hitachi’s external hard disk drives have been around for quite some time now and are known for the reliability, large enough storage space, ease of use, etc. One such drive is the XL3000 with a massive storage space of 3T (3000 GB).

Muscular in its looks the XL3000 gives you ample of space to store a lifetime of songs, movies, photos, documents and in face any other digital content you might think of. The drive’s exterior is quite rugged and allows you to have a firm grip on the drive while you are carrying it around.

The USB 2.0 port makes sure that the external hard disk drive is compatible with all kinds of laptops and desktops and provides excellent data transfer rates. Hitachi has included a USB cable along with the package.

In case you are looking for software that would automatically backup all your important digital content onto the XL3000, then don’t search anymore as Hitachi has also included a local backup software that will take care your backup tasks.

The drive is externally powered and weighs around 1.3 kg. Power cable is included with the package.

The Hitachi XL3000 3TB USB 2.0 External Desktop Hard Drive is available from Amazon for £118.35.