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£599.99 Optoma Themescene HD20 DLP 1080p Projector

The Optoma Themescene HD20 DLP Projector would turn your room into an ultimate entertainment hub providing you with 1080p output. Get a flat screen colour rich output from disc players, gaming consoles, cameras, laptops, etc. without having to invest in HD TVs and the likes.

The HD20 projector would provide you with a far bigger video screen projection than any other HD, LED or Plasma TV could offer but, with the same level and in some cases far greater clarity. The 100” display would captivate you and give you a viewing experience not plausible in any home entertainment setup. The projection distance is between 1.5 and 12.5m.

The ANSI contrast ratio of the Themescene HD20 is 500, which is a measurement unit of contrast between ‘real world’ and projectors, is significantly higher than that of other LCD based projectors giving you a near life like picture quality.

The projector is capable of slowing down the frame rate to 24p giving you an excellent cinema like output right in the comfort of your living room. The projector is compatible with PAL, SECAM, NTSC, HD videos.

Audio Visual Online is offering the Optoma Themescene HD20 DLP 1080p Projector for £599.99.