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Akamai Adds DDoS Defender, Compliance Management to Intelligent Platform

Last Thursday Akamai Technologies, which is a content delivery network provider, made an announcement that they are introducing two new solutions to the Akamai Intelligent Platform.

The businesses that are extending their sites and applications onto Akamai’s Intelligent platform will have exceptional availability of the websites and their apps and also it will assist in meeting the strict data compliance requirements associated with data privacy.

Now the Akamai DDoS Defender and Akamai Compliance Management Modules have been designed to offer help to customers to avoid the potential of millions of dollars in fines and other related costs which includes downtime and irreparable damage to brand reputation.

In partnership with Evidon, Akamai is offering access to its customers to advanced privacy and compliance services for management of the Industry Self-Regulatory Program in the US, the European ePrivacy Directives, and also its corollary self-regulatory effort for Online Behavioral Advertising.

The DDoS Defender builds on the Akamai’s platform and has the ability to protect key online assets and also prevents DDoS attacks from making websites unavailable.

On the other hand the Akamai Compliance Management solutions have been designed to help the customers to reduce complexity and associated costs of ensuring that the customers companies are in compliance with information security standards and regulations.