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Amazon Provides Kindle3 Users with 5GB Cloud Storage for Personal Documents

Amazon released a new update for its Kindle e-book reader devices that provides Whispersync and cloud storage support for personal documents.

The update, Kindle Keyboard Software update v3.3, is for the Kindle 3, named the Kindle Keyboard after the company launched a series of devices including a touch screen Kindle and the Kindle Fire table, which everyone seems to be talking about.

The v3.3 update, already comes pre-loaded with the new Kindle and Kindle Touch, brings Whispersync and cloud based storage support for personal documents, which users can add on their own.

Users are currently able to redownload or store ebooks purchased from Amazon on the cloud. This functionality, however, will now extend to documents added by users who either email them to the Kindle account or via USB.

According to an article on Wired, users will receive 5GB of storage on the cloud, which is more than enough for storing documents.

The functionality has only been extended to Kindle devices, but the company is expected to introduce the new service on Kindle apps for various platforms in the future.