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AMD FX-Series Chips Enhance Windows 8 Performance; Boost in Other Operating Systems Not Confirmed

Windows 8 is expected to work more efficiently with multi-core central processing units (CPUs) as compared to Windows 7, reported Advanced Micro Devices (AMD). This will reflect in higher performance of the company’s FX-series chips with up to eight cores.

A slide spread by AMD recently showed that the new chips have a 10 percent performance advantage in Windows 8 as compared to the current performance in Windows 7.

In non-demanding video games, performance boost can be observed, but it is less noticeable in other applications or in game titles that require high performance from the central processing units.

AMD attributes this performance enhancement to the new scheduler of the next-gen operating system. The new scheduler manages microprocessors more efficiently and effectively with various cores.

An independent test conducted by X-bit labs showed that despite not having Intel’s Hyper-Threading technology, Intel’s mainstream quad-core Core i5-2500 processor is barely beaten by the eight-core FX-8150 model which is one of the top FX chips.

No doubt AMD proved the eight core microprocessor has an advantage in the Windows 8 environment, but there is no information to indicate that other CPUs will also benefit from the next-gen OS.