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Apple Yet to Release iPhone 4S in China; Available Anyway in Chinese Electronics Markets

Despite the fact that Apple has not yet officially launched its new iPhone 4S in China, the device is available and on sale in the Beijing’s grey market. Available for about $2,000, this shows the popularity and demand of the new Apple product in China.

One of the vendors at Beijing’s Zhongguancun electronics markets said that he is selling iPhone 4S the 32 GB version for just 13,000 yuan or US$2,043 and the 16 GB version for US$1,729.

The vendor, on the condition of anonymity, said the phones had been supplied from Australia and the U.S. The phones are unlocked and are sold without any contact.

Another vendor in the same market stated that he is selling the 16 GB model for US$1,391 and that as of Monday he has only 30 units left. These units were bought in the U.K. The vendor also predicted that by next week prices will start to fall by $100.

China is Apple’s fastest growing market for this device as reported by the company itself earlier this year. Even though no official launch date has been announced, Apple has made it clear that iPhone 4S’s Siri voice command app will include Chinese language support by next year.