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DiCaprio Likely to Play Alan Turing in Upcoming Movie

Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio, who featured in blockbusters Titanic and Inception, is tipped to play British code breaker Alan Turing in his next.

According to The Guardian, the actor will star in a biopic based on the life of British mathematician Alan Turing.

Hollywood studio Warner Bros. has bought the rights to a script written by Graham Moore, which focuses on the life of Turing, who played the central role in British Nazi code breaking operations.

Turing, who is largely considered as the father of computer science and artificial intelligence, was prosecuted for being homosexual after the war, an unfitting ordeal dealt to a man who played a central role in ensuring the victory of the Allied Forces against Hitler.

The man was forced to go ‘chemical castration’ in exchange for avoiding prison time. The Guardian revealed that the screen play written by Moore is titled The Imitation Game. The script is based on the biography written by Andrew Hodges on the genius code breaker.

Oscar winning director Ron Howard is reportedly interested in making the film, but as of now, no deals have been signed.