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Dubai and Abu Dhabi Witness Reduction in Vehicular Accidents During Blackberry Outage

The BlackBerry outage last week, even though it outraged users all over the world, proved to be a blessing for road safety. Authorities stated the roads have been safer for motorists; at least in the Middle East.

During that period, police in Dubai reported a drop 20 percent in vehicular accidents. Similar reports such as 40 percent drop in Abu Dhabi. Also no fatal or major accidents have been reported.

Authorities link this considerable decline to the service outrage that disrupted web browsing, BlackBerry Messaging and other online services.

Authorities revealed that in Dubai, on average, there is one accident every three minutes. Every other day Abu Dhabi witnesses one fatal accident.

The two cities, located in United Arab Emirates, have huge numbers of BlackBerry users. BlackBerry has 44 percent market share there, whereas Apple’s iPhone has a 30 percent market share.

But users there are not fully aware of the dangers of texting, email, chat and making calls while driving.

The recent death of a football celeb due to a texting related accident served as a wake up call for authorities who are now taking to initiative to increase awareness about the dangers of using phones when driving.