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IBM to Test Renewable Energy App for Swiss Electric Vehicle Drivers

IBM is ready to test a cloud-based EV charging app in Switzerland very soon. This new application will allow drivers to make the choice between fossil fuel or renewable energyI to recharge any electric vehicles.

This new service will help to integrate electric vehicles without straining power grids in the market by allowing drivers to schedule recharging at peak renewable energy producing time.

According to Swiss utility EKZ, the rapid growth of electric cars will require just a few more percent of electricity than what is already being produced. However, there is a danger of causing widespread blackouts if all the EVs plug into the grid to recharge at the same time.

IBM is testing service that will hopefully prevent this situation by simply informing drivers when the most energy is being produced.

This is a web-based app that communicates with both the vehicle and power companies to inform drivers when the most wind, solar or hydro electricity is being produced and also when to schedule charging during those times.

At present, Switzerland is generating approximately 55.6 percent of its electricity from renewable sources and to be specific primarily hydropower.