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iPhone Hacker Successfully Ports Virtual Assistant 'Siri' on iPhone 4; Currently Featured Only on iOS 5

Siri, the voice activated virtual assistant featured on the iOS 5 powered iPhone 4S, has been successfully ported to the iPhone 4.

With the release of the iOS 5 mobile operating system, Apple also introduced the iPhone 4S, an upgrade to the iPhone 4.

There are a lot of features that differentiate the devices including a dual core A5 processor, a 8MP camera with HD video recording.

Now, according (opens in new tab) to Jailbreakstory, well-known iPhone hacker Steve Troughton Smith has managed to successfully port Siri on the iPhone 4.

He has not released the hack yet, but has uploaded a screenshot of Siri running on iPhone 4 via Twitter. Smith was one of the first hackers to unlock the Palm Pre and is well known in iPhone hacker circles, therefore, the legitimacy of his claim can’t be questioned.

Apple is clearly seeing Siri as a major selling point and has therefore refrained from adding it to iPhone 4, even though the phone is getting an iOS 5 update. Many would think that Siri would require a dual core processor to run but this does not seem to be the case here. Smith says he is confident he will be able to port Siri on iPhone 3GS and the iPad 2.