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KDE Releases Plasma Active One Desktop Environment for Tablets in Celebration of 15th Anniversary

Linux-based open source desktop environment KDE celebrated 15 years in business on Saturday, October 15.

The desktop environment, which contends with Ubuntu's Unity and GNOME utilities, is one of the most widely used Linux desktop environments in the world. The developer community for KDE is second in size to the community for the Linux Kernel itself.

The platform, which is a default desktop environment used in several popular Linux based operating systems including openSUSE, Kubuntu and Mandriva 2011, is available for PCs, laptops, smartphones and other mobile devices.

To mark the 15 year anniversary, KDE has released the Plasma Active One desktop environment designed for tablet computers with support for touch screen gestures.

“Sometime in the next 2 weeks, Plasma Active One will be released, extending Matthias's plan for a "modern interface" with a "common look & feel" to a range of end-user devices from desktop to mobile. KDE has grown beyond a Linux Desktop GUI to a global community of people,” said KDE in a statement.

“But it still has the same innovative spirit and a commitment to serving users of Free and Open Source Software,” the company added.