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O2 trials VoIP technology

Former British Telecom mobile phone network O2 has launched a trial of a new mobile service under the name of O2 Connect, which allows customers to make phone calls to mobile phones and landlines over WIFI.

O2 has launched ‘O2 Connect’, based around VoIP technology and is being offered to their own customers currently as a trial. This allows smartphone users to use voice and text services over WIFI, from a normal mobile number and to any UK mobile or landline number.

The service will initially be available on iOS and Android based smartphones and will subsequently be rolled out to other devices; although it is unknown at this time what other operating systems will be supported.

There will be a limited number of people taking part in this trial, in order to assess how this type of service can be deployed to customers as well as participating in the development of new features.

The VoIP service is the latest in a series of developments from the O2 Labs, where they are aiming to introduce new services in different ways, with extensive beta testing and the involvement of customers in the development process.

O2 Connect commenced in October, by invitation only and will include O2 consumer and business customers – where the trial will also be extended to attendees at the Wired 2011 event.

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