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UK Government Won’t Ever Shutdown Facebook

The UK government will never block access to the world’s largest social networking platform Facebook even during the times of social unrest.

According to The Telegraph, Joanna Shields, vice president of Facebook Europe has claimed that the UK government won’t ever shut down the social networking platform.

Speaking during the Wired 2011 tech conference in London, when asked about the possibility of the UK government would shut down Facebook during civil unrest, Shields said “I don’t think that’s ever going to happen”.

She claimed that Facebook had a ‘very strong’ relationship with the UK government and said that if people were using the platform to spread the information of their wrongdoing, they were most likely to be caught by the authorities.

Earlier, the heads of social networking platform Twitter and Facebook and RIM’s BlackBerry Messenger, were called by the parliament to discuss the use of their platform by rioters to organise the mass rioting.

UK Prime Minister David Cameron and the police are looking into the positive points of restricting the use of social media platforms during social unrest.