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Unlocked iPhone 4S To Hit The Market Soon

In just a couple of weeks, Apple is going to release the first unlocked iPhone. Many users, who have been waiting for years to be able to buy a smartphone from their favourite brand without the strings of a contract, will be very happy. However consumers need to be aware of some of the limitations of the unlocked iPhone 4S, Mercury News (opens in new tab) points out.

As expected, the contract-free iPhone 4S will be more expensive than the ones carriers offer to their subscribers. Customers looking to buy directly from Apple will have to pay around $450 more for unlocked iPhone 4S versions (from $650 or £500 for 16GB (opens in new tab)). However, the unlocked iPhone 4S will only work on compatible GSM networks, not on CDMA as well. Only Verizon and Sprint will include in their offerings subsidised iPhone 4S with support for CDMA.

After buying the unlocked iPhone 4S users will have to pay attention to their choice of carrier. Not all of them offer discounts on data plans to clients bringing their own handset to the network. AT&T, for instance, demands the same price for its service. T-Mobile also does not support all the available frequencies, so the users bringing their iPhone 4S to this network will have to settle for slower speeds.

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