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US Lawmakers Question Bezos Over Privacy in Silk Browser

The US Congress has raised doubts over the privacy concerns posed by Amazon’s new and first tablet device, the Kindle Fire.

Rep. Ed Markey, in a letter [PDF] addressed to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, inquired about the kind of data Amazon will gather from the users of the tablet device and how the company is going to use the data in its operations.

Concerns have specifically been raised over the Silk web browser that features in the tablet device. The browser, which largely operates on the cloud, compresses and processes the web pages before delivering them the users.

Privacy champions along with the US Congress believe that the browser will give Amazon access to its users’ web browsing habits. Markey has asked Amazon whether the data collected by the web browser will be used with other information Amazon has on its users.

He also demanded to know how Amazon plans to use the data collected from Kindle Fire users and whether it will be sharing the data with third party organisations.

"By coupling the Fire with Silk, Amazon can essentially track each and every Web click of its customers," Markey said in the letter reports PC World.

“Amazon will know where people shop, what items they buy, when they buy them and how much they pay,” he added.