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Virgin Media Broadband & VoD Hit By Issues Over The Weekend?

Reports have emerged about Virgin Media users being hit by outages especially across London and the South East on Saturday and Sunday.

We noted over the weekend some erratic performance issues in the Luton area with Virgin Media Broadband, which were not solved (at least initially) even when restarting the router.

Tech website, The Register, reported that some of its readers had noticed that a number of websites were unavailable unless accessed through a proxy server.

We also noticed that the downtime did affect the video on demand/TiVO service. Standard definition content from Virgin Media's own catchup on demand service at some point was choppy and missed quite a few frames.

Last week, Virgin Media acknowledged that around 100 customers were affected in the east of Scotland by downtime caused by rats chewing through its underground fiber optic cables, something that may be classified as an act of nature.

A spokesperson for Virgin Media said that the company had "no knowledge of the problem". Still, Virgin Media's outage is chicken feed compared to what Blackberry users worldwide have been through in last month.

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