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Woman Claims Facebook Using Cookie to Track Users' Online Activites, Files Lawsuit

A Facebook user from Louisiana has filed a lawsuit against the social networking platform, accusing it of tracking users’ web activities without their permission.

The lawsuit, which is similar to the ones filed in Kansas and California, has been filed by Former Louisiana Attorney General Richard Ieyoub on behalf of Janet Seamon.

Ieyoub has asked the court to declare the lawsuit as a class action lawsuit. The lawsuit claims that Facebook violates wiretap laws by tracking users’ online activities using a cookie, even after they have logged out of Facebook.

Facebook on the other hand, is claiming that the lawsuit is without merit and said that it will fight it ‘vigorously’ reports

The company earlier claimed that just like any other website, it uses cookies to give a personalised experience to users but has been never tracked their activities after they have logged out.

“Three of these cookies on some users' computers inadvertently included unique identifiers when the user had logged out of Facebook. However, we did not store these identifiers for logged out users. Therefore, we could not have used this information for tracking or any other purpose" Facebook said in a statement.