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£65.26 Panasonic DMP-BD75EB-K Ultra-Fast Booting 2D Blu-Ray Disc Player

The Panasonic DMP-BD75EB-K Blu-ray Disc player is a fast booting 2D player that takes very little time to play the disc after the menu has been displayed.

The menu system of the player is intuitive, simple and comes with large icons making it comfortable for even the novice users to operate and play Blu-ray discs within minutes providing a more or less one-click action.

The Blu-ray player is capable of upscaling your standard definition DVDs to full HD output at 1080p resolution. If connected to a HDMI compatible 1080p TV, the output is crisp, clear and full of vivid colours with exceptionally detailed high-resolution.

The DMP-BD75 comes with an Ethernet port and is DLNA compatible allowing it to access files hosted on a DLNA server or a DLNA enabled computer or recorder enabling you to stream almost all types of video files.

In terms of the design, the player is quite compact compared to its predecessors. The audio system is Dolby Digital Plus/ Dolby TrueHD compatible. In terms of connectivity, the player comes with a USB 2.0 input as well as an HDMI and Video out.

The Panasonic DMP-BD75EB-K Ultra-Fast Booting 2D Blu-Ray Disc Player is available from Amazon for £65.26.