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Apple and HTC Supplier Temporarily Closes Chinese Factory; Product Hold Ups Possible

A key supplier to Apple and HTC has confirmed that unexpected downtime in one of its factories could result in the shortage of certain products from both companies within the next few days.

It all started when Chinese firm, Catcher Technology Co., was compelled to temporarily shut down one of its factories following complaints raised by nearby residents about a “strange odor” coming from the plant.

After temporarily shutting down the controversial plant, the company stated in a press conference that some of its customers were indeed going to be affected due to the outage.

“Shipments to our customers will inevitably be affected,” said company president Allen Horng confirmed in the press conference, according to a reportby SlashGear.

“We already asked [customers] to make adjustments to their [casings] procurement,” Horng added.

While shutting down the plant is expected to affect Apple’s MacBook Air productions, the Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC is also likely to face similar problems in the production of some of its handsets.

Both the companies have yet to give their respective responses on the issue.