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Apple iPhone 4S Siri voice command feature added to last year's iPhone 4

Popular Apple news website 9to5 has collaborated with a software developer, to port the Siri voice assistant application that exclusively accompanies the new iPhone 4S – over to the older iPhone 4, running the same operating system.

The latest iPhone 4S has the same look and design to 2010's design changed iPhone 4, only with some hardware improvements and the very same iOS 5 – with the addition of this Siri voice assistant.

Up until now, it was thought the more powerful hardware inside of the latest Apple handset was needed to power Siri, the video at the base of this piece proves otherwise.

The developer Steven Troughton-Smith worked with 9to5Mac to exclusively port the iPhone 4S Siri voice command system, to the iPhone 4.

Troughton-Smith was able to get the beginning steps of a full port rolling after installing the iPhone 4S Siri and Springboard files onto an iPhone 4.

The Siri app on the iPhone 4 can recognise spoken commands in both the standard Siri view and the keyboard Dictation view. The only issue at this point is that Apple is not authenticating commands to its servers from iPhone 4 hardware.

Read more on the piece here.

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