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4chan and Canvas Founder Claims Facebook and Google+ Have Lots to Learn about User Identity

Speaking during the Web 2.0 conference, 4chan and Canvas founder Chris Poole said that Google and Facebook were wrong about forcing people to use their real identities online, The Register reports (opens in new tab).Facebook and Google’s Google+ social networking platforms insist users list their actual identities and not create fake ones for anonymity. Users who go against the norm are unceremoniously booted out of both Facebook and Google+ platforms.Poole claims people have different personalities and have the right to behave and portray themselves differently with different people. He believes that users have the right to anonomise themselves online if they choose.“Google and Facebook would have you believe that your online personality is a mirror of who you are,” said Pool. “In fact it’s more like a diamond; you show difference facets of your personality to different people. Facebook has tried to force a fast-food industry approach to identity.”Poole, who goes by the handle ‘moot’, observed that Twitter somewhat understands the concept of identity and allows people to choose their own handles and avatars.