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Elusive iPhone 4S Rapidly Disappearing from the Shelves

Apple has broken sales records with over 4 million iPhone 4S sold in the first three days. Previously the iPhone 4 had held that distinction reaching 1.7 million customers in the same time frame.

One major difference with Apple's most recent launch is that the new iPhone is available on three carriers at the same time, while iPhone 4 only had AT&T at its side, as well as being released in a number of global markets concurrently.

According to numerous reports (opens in new tab), iPhone 4S has nearly sold out at most retail stores. Users have the option of ordering online, but they will be faced with a relatively long wait.

Apple announced a one-to-two week delivery time for online orders and that customers should make reservations for next-day pick-up at stores rather than just turning up.

Carriers have longer delivery times for their subscribers and some even announced stocks were exhausted for certain iPhone 4S models. AT&T promises that iPhone 4S online orders will be supplied in 21 - 28 days, while Verizon announced an Oct 28th delivery date.

For the Sprint subscribers 16GB and 32GB versions of iPhone 4S are no longer in stock, the only option remaining is 64GB iPhone 4S, at the subsidized price of $399.

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