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Google Updates Presentations In Google Docs

Google has made some significant improvements to the Presentations module on its Google Docs cloud-based services with an emphasis on collaborative features.

Steven Saviano, Software Engineer at Google, described how the company is introducing faster collaboration and more features, more than 50 of them in this major update.

Google added some of the most requested features to the Presentations module including transitions, animations, a number of new themes, drawing capabilities, rich tables with merge cells capabilities etc.

Users can already start using it by selecting the “Create new presentations using the latest version of the presentation editor” option in the documents settings in the gear icon from the document list.

It's worth noting that most of the features will require users to upgrade to more recent versions of their web browsers.

The update is likely to be rolled out gradually across users. Google has recently updated the three other big modules in Google Docs; the file manager, the word processing module and the spreadsheet one, leaving the user with the ability to switch back whenever they want to.

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