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HTC acquires Inquisitive Minds for $13 million

Smartphone giant HTC has acquired Inquisitive Minds, a company which specialises in child-friendly user interfaces, for $13 million in a deal announced today.

Although HTC will still be smarting from the news that the US International Trade Commission has rejected claims that Apple's mobile products violate its patents, the company is forging ahead with a deal that could lead to a range of child-friendly products from the smartphone maker.

Inquisitive Minds, which produces products for the younger consumer under the 'Zoodles' brand, is estimated to have around two million users at present, but it's believed that HTC has something more original in mind than simply profiting from the company's existing client base.

By purchasing a specialist in child-friendly user interfaces, HTC could gain a foothold over its rivals in convincing parents to buy its smartphones and tablets for their precious little darlings.

It is not currently known whether the company intends to add Inquisitive Minds-developed technology to its existing products as a downloadable software option, or if it will produce specific products - preferably ruggedised and waterproof, knowing how kids tend to treat their toys - for the market. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.