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Can iPhone 4S Attract Disaffected BlackBerry Users?

The recent three days of outage infuriated BlackBerry users and, as reactions all over the blogosphere show, many are wondering (opens in new tab) if is the right time to make a switch away from RIM to Apple's smartphone of the moment.

Blackberry smartphones produced by Research in Motion, were perceived for a long time as the perfect communication tool for business users, with added reliability and security. Now, some of its former advantages are becoming its weaknesses.

Up till now Blackberry had had flawless uptime and the three day outage couldn't have come at a worse time coinciding with the arrival of the iPhone 4S. Security, believed to be one of the main attractions for BlackBerry users is well covered by Apple also. iPhone users haven't experienced security issues when communicating.

Out-of date design is another flaw for the BlackBerry smartphones, once considered very fashionable, the company has failed to deliver the sleek cool look of its rivals. Physical keyboards have lost their appeal as the new touchscreens on the market are improving all the time and being more widely accepted.

The BlackBerry operating system was also quite impressive in its early days, but now iOS and Android platform appeal more and more to the users. Not to mention Apple's new Siri assistant, with features that could really help business users, as well as the latest VidyoMoblie video conferencing app.

However, with the iPhone seeing more and more success and the unrelenting march of Android (outselling BB by three to one), the BlackBerry brand seems to be fading and it looks like RIM is losing the battle.

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