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iPhone 4S's Siri has Connectivity Issues Because of Excessive Use

The most impressive new feature of the iPhone 4S also seems in the first days to be the most frustrating one. As every user is trying to experience the all-knowing voice activated assistant, the first connectivity problems for Siri have appeared.

Siri is not always able to promptly connect to Apple's servers that seem overwhelmed by the huge number of users trying to use the tool, the Economic Times (opens in new tab) reports. In the following few months, analysts expect up to 30 million iPhone 4S to be sold, which will make the overall chatter with Siri even more crowded.

Nevertheless, most of the users who have succeeded in getting Siri's attention have expressed their enthusiasm, letting friends know over social networks how the new iPhone 4S Assistant is performing. The voice recognition technology allows Siri to understand and respond even in very noisy environments.

Apple also seems to have given Siri a lot of attitude, with users beginning to report it answering in funny, surprising ways to questions like "what is the meaning of life?" Siri: "I can't answer that now, but give me some time to write a very long play in which nothing happens," or "What are you wearing now?" Siri: "You have the wrong personal assistant, Johnny."

However, it appears many users around the globe are missing a number of Siri's features at present, as the Assistant does not integrate maps outside US. Users in the UK and elsewhere are not able to find businesses or ask for traffic information from Siri yet.

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