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Japanese Firm Updates Boyfriend Tracking App Following Privacy Concerns

After receiving several complaints, a Japanese firm had to tone down a smartphone app which they marketed for wives and girlfriends who want to keep an eye on their partners. The firm received complaints stating that the app is effectively spying on people.

Many people also complained that the app was installed in their phones without their knowledge, soon after which the Tokyo-based Manuscript released a new version of the “Kare Log” which means “boyfriend log” on Sunday to replace to original app. In fact, McAfee, a software security firm marked this app as a “Potentially Unwanted Programme”.

Also, a debate on privacy concern has been raised by Japan’s communications ministry which states that, "The consent of a tracked individual is very important. There were problems with the way that Kare Log was advertised", The Telegraph reported.

The app which has a GPS data device can be installed in a smartphone as well as a computer which can be used to monitor the location of the device and definitely of the owner.

This application was first launched on 30th August by Manuscript. However, the problem is that the app does not show any icon on the screen which means that the owner may not know that he is being watched.