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Leaked Release Schedule Hints at November Launch of Nokia Windows Phone in Europe

Nokia smartphones running on the Windows Phone 7 platform are expected to be launched in November throughout Europe.

A leaked release schedule for Italy based mobile phone carrier TIM indicates that a Windows Phone 7.5 Nokia device will be released in November, Know Your Mobile reports.

Some of Nokia’s Windows Phone devices which are currently in the works are the Sea Ray, the Sabre, the Sun and the Ace but the TIM release schedule did not mention which Nokia Windows Phone it will be offering.

Nokia has repeatedly claimed that it plans to release multiple Windows Phone Mango devices by the end of this year and it seems that it would stick to what it has promised. Microsoft and Nokia both desperately need this partnership to work to ensure that they remain in the lucrative smartphone business.

It is clear that the UK will also be part of the Europe wide launch in November. However, because the price was not available in the release schedule, it is not clear how the devices will be priced.

The launch is most likely to happen during the upcoming Nokia World conference in which Microsoft executives will also be present.