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Man Famous for Wanting Part Ownership of Facebook Files Motion to Request Time to Find New Lawyer

Paul Ceglia, the man known for his desire to own half of the massively popular social media site Facebook, has changed his legal representation, yet again.

Ceglia, who claims to have a legitimate contract that entitles him to half of Facebook, had filed a lawsuit against the company, as well as its co-founder Mark Zuckerberg.

The aspiring Facebook-owner filed a motion in a U.S District Court in New York on Monday, appealing the Judge to delay proceedings for 3 weeks. Apparently, he is asking the court to postpone the hearing so he has time to find a new lawyer more suitable for the job.

His previous lawyer, Jeffrey Lake, is withdrawing from the case, according to confirmed reports.

Lake’s decision to part his ways with his client came after he revealed that he was instructed by Ceglia not to respond to a court order to hand over some key evidence in the case. Lake did not agree with this strategy and decided to stop representing his client.

The lawyer, who was appointed to work on the case back in June, could not be reached out for a comment.