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Microsoft Says "It’s A Great Time To Be Family"

Software giant Microsoft, in a bid to re-image itself as a company fit for family computing and entertainment needs, has dished out new videos that advertise how its products are meant for the use of the entire family and not just individuals.

With the new ads, Microsoft hopes to tell people that it has an entire ecosystem to offer, from Kinect to Windows PC and the software that comes with it.

The first ad, called Microsoft ‘Epic Share’, shows a dad playing the Dance Central 2 game on the Xbox 360 Kinect. Little does he know that his daughter is making a video of him on her Windows Phone 7 device. The daughter instantly emails the video to her brother, who instantly, edits the video on the Windows Movie Maker running on a Windows 7 based laptop.

The video ends with a tag line, “It's a great time to be a family”. Another video shows a little boy giving his parents a presentation, made on Microsoft PowerPoint, on why their home needs a dog. At the end of the video, the boy gets the dog and the father tries to convince the mother about golfing on Sundays using another presentation.

Microsoft has started integrating its business lines to form one giant software and device ecosystem, similar to the one created by Apple.