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Motorola XOOM the First Tablet to get Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich?

The Motorola XOOM could be the first tablet which will receive Google's next generation mobile platform, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. That's according to Fuad Abazovic, from Fudzilla, who says he had heard the rumour "repeatedly".

It does make sense given that Motorola Mobility is now owned by Google and Ice Cream Sandwich is likely to have been developed on Motorola XOOM tablets. It's worth noting that the XOOM was also the first tablet back in January to get Honeycomb.

Similarly, we expect the XOOM with the ICS upgrade to come without Motoblur, Motorola's proprietary user interface, which cuts down development time. Other Android Honeycomb tablets like the Asus Transformer, the Galaxy Tab, the HTC Flyer and a few others will almost certainly get Ice Cream Sandwich after the XOOM.

Amongst the questions that remain are: What will the minimum screen resolution and the minimum hardware configuration for Ice Cream Sandwich be? Will Ice Cream Sandwich mean that tablets start to offer voice features (like the original Samsung Galaxy Tab)? How will Ice Cream Sandwich deal with the different screen ratio? And perhaps most importantly, when will it merge with Chrome OS.

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