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NEC to Develop Wearable Mini Computer that Projects Images onto the Human Eye

Japan’s NEC has announced its plans to release a wearable mini computer capable of projecting images onto the naked eye.

The computer, which weighs 430 grams, comes with a belt that can be strapped to the body. The set-up also includes specially designed glasses which project images straight to the eye.

The device, initially in development for industrial workers, projects images to the eye as if the wearer was viewing a 16-inch screen from a distance of one meter.

As the glasses don’t take up the wearer’s entire view, they are free to go about their work as usual. The company explained that it expects industrial workers to view manuals and images while working at the same time.

NEC said it plans to take the device commercial with entertainment and augmented reality offerings some time in the future.

NEC has also developed software for the device which runs on Windows CE, to allow administrators to share images with workers and chat with them over Wi-Fi.

The company, which plans to sell 1,000 units within the next three years, is demanding $5,200 for every unit and $26,000 for the software.