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NEC’s New Technology Doubles Lithium-ion Battery Life

Japan based NEC has come with a new battery technology which is capable of significantly extending the battery life of Lithium-ion batteries.

According to Computer World, the company plans to release the new battery technology for electric power systems for homes and businesses. A longer battery life would enable continued usage of all the products in which the battery is used.

In some of the tests conducted by the company, it found that the batteries were capable of maintaining around 83 percent of their original charge capabilities even after 23,500 charge cycles.

The company believes that the technology could allow batteries to hold 50 percent of their charge for around 33 years of use.

Thinq_ informs that NEC has forged a deal with Nissan to develop car batteries which will be capable of twenty years of battery life. It seems that NEC is using the same technology to boost battery life of other appliances as well.

Industry expert Paul Tan believes that the car batteries with a 20 year life will be introduced to the market in the next five years.