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Noon News: Boyfriend Tracking App Criticised, UberMedia's, BBC iPlayer Usage Increases

After receiving several complaints, a Japanese firm had to tone down a smartphone app which they marketed for wives and girlfriends who want to keep an eye on their partners. The firm received complaints stating that the app is effectively spying on people.

Software giant Microsoft, in a bid to re-image itself as a company fit for family computing and entertainment needs, has dished out new videos that advertise how its products are meant for the use of the entire family and not just individuals.

A new survey has revealed that around 40 percent of the motorists check their mobile phones while driving. According to the survey conducted by, people’s addiction to their mobile phone devices is not only putting them at danger but, of others around them as well.

UberMedia has announced that it is launching the company’s brand new social media offering on Tuesday. Dubbed, the new site has come at a time when all the hype and speculations regarding the search giant Google’s latest offering in the social media world Google Plus is still very much alive.

The number of views of BBC iPlayer content generated by tablets grew by a staggering 15 per cent from August to September according to figures released by the BBC as part of its monthly performance pack.