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RIM May Offer Compensation to Its Mobile Operators for Their Actions During Three-Day Outage

Research In Motion could soon issue compensation for its operators worldwide for unnecessarily finding itself at the receiving end of the recent three-day-long BlackBerry Messanger (BBM) outage.

When the outage first began it was the operators who had to face the fury of frustrated customers. Worse, just like the end-users, none of the operators had any knowledge of what was going wrong with BlackBerry servers worldwide.

RIM has already announced £60 worth premium applications for its customers, as well as free technical support for enterprise users as compensation for the losses they had to suffer during the outage.

The company, however, did not officially announce compensation of its mobile operators worldwide.

But according to new reports, there is a good probability that the company may issue some form of compensation to its operators.

"We're very focused on these carriers and making sure they're satisfied with the service operation and making sure we comply with all of our agreements with them and making sure we have their trust for the service going forward," said Co-CEO of RIM, Jim Balsillie in a statement (opens in new tab) to Bloomberg News.