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SandForce releases SF-2000 SSD BSOD fix

A flaw in the firmware of SandForce's popular SF-2000 series of solid state drive controller modules has finally been resolved, with companies expected to start rolling out the fix within the next few months.

When the SF-2000 SSD controller series was launched, drive manufacturers jumped at the chance to implement it: as with SandForce's previous products, it offered high speeds in a relatively low-cost package, making it a perfect choice for mid-to-high range solid state storage devices.

Sadly, problems started to crop up: users began complaining shortly after launch of issues with the drives disconnecting themselves from the host system, or causing the host operating system to crash or hang.

SandForce has now confirmed that the problem relates to a bug in the firmware across its SF-2000 range, and has released a patch for its customers that should resolve the issue by upgrading the firmware version to 3.3.2.

OCZ is the first company to officially roll out the new firmware for its own customers, releasing a patch which upgrades its SF-2000-based products to 2.15 - equivalent, the company claims, to SandForce's own 3.3.2 firmware update.

Other manufacturers of drives based on the SF-2000 controller series are expected to follow with their own versions of SandForce's firmware fix in the next few weeks. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.