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UberMedia Announces – An Amalgamation of Reddit, Facebook, Twitter

UberMedia has announced that it is launching the company’s brand new social media offering on Tuesday.

Dubbed, the new site has come at a time when all the hype and speculations regarding the search giant Google’s latest offering in the social media world Google Plus is still very much alive.

If everything falls according to the plan, the new social network from UberMedia is bound to complicate the status-quo of the social media industry, now primarily dominated by the likes of Facebook and Twitter, even further.

“It’s an amalgam of blogging and Reddit and Facebook — there’s aspects of each in there,” Ubermedia’s chief executive officer Bill Gross revealed while commenting on the new offering, VentureBeat reports.

“We’re definitely borrowing those good ideas. But this is a deeper dive into their interests and intelligent conversations around [users'] passions,” he added.

The company also announced that is now available in the iTunes App Store. Mr. Gross, despite being pretty confident about the future of Chime, quite humbly rejected the idea that the new service from his company will hamper the businesses of other social media sites.