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Ultra-Touch Sensitive Smartphone Products May Be the Wave of the Future

A group of Microsoft researchers have come up with a new, innovative way that could soon transform the way you handle your smartphone.

According to new reports, researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have invented new technology that will make devices so sensitive they will be able to respond to users touch-input even through fabric.

The new technology allows users to access their phones or other touch enabled devices, without requiring them to take the devices out of their pocket or purse. The project has been named 'PocketTouch.'

Researchers have already designed a prototype which they plan to demonstrate at the forthcoming Association for Computing Machinery Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology in California.

The company has not revealed anything regarding when, or if at all, this new technology will be integrated into any of its forthcoming products.

“Think of when you try to reach through your pocket to the slider that silences your phone. We wanted to take a different spin by asking: Can we use a higher-bandwidth touch surface to provide a wider range of actual input?” said (opens in new tab) Scott Saponas, from the Computational User Experiences Wing.