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Voluntary Guidelines Introduced by CTIA to Prevent U.S. Mobile Phone 'Bill Shock"

CTIA has announced a new set of guidelines which will prevent wireless customers from getting bill shocks.

A survey conducted by the US Federal Communications Commission had found that wireless customers in the US were plagued by bill shocks when they used up more data, voice and text messages than their contracts.

The FCC indicated that it plans to enforce a set of rules for wireless carriers to send alerts to their customers regarding usage.

Now, the CTIA, which represents the companies that cover 97 percent of US wireless customers, has drawn up a set of voluntary guidelines, under which wireless service providers will be required to send alerts via text message to customers if they will soon reach the limit or have already crossed the limit of voice, text and data services.

“Today's initiative is a perfect example of how government agencies and industries they regulate can work together under President Obama's recent executive order directing federal agencies to consider whether new rules are necessary or would unnecessarily burden businesses and the economy," said CTIA head, Steve Largent.