What Will ARM Unveil At The "Little Dog, Big Dog" Event?

We received a rather cryptic invitation from ARM for an event to be held in London where they will be unveiling "big news" that they say will address one of the biggest challenges in the tech industry.

That is "extending consumers’ always on, always connected mobile experience with both improved performance and longer battery life".

ARM's EVP of Marketing , Lance Howarth and its Director of Mobile Segment Marketing, Laurence Bryant will be joined by David Rusling, CTO at Linaro and one or more semiconductor partners from ARM.

ARM attached a small video called "Big Dog, Little Dog, The right size for the right Task" to the press invite. Could it be that the Linaro foundation will be working more closely with ARM to fine tune the performance of the Linux Kernel when working with heterogeneous chip clusters?

One of them is the newly announced Nvidia Tegra 3 (with four big chips and one small one) while another one is Texas Instruments OMAP 4470 which comes with two big cores and two small cores.