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Why Proactive Network Monitoring & Management Is Essential For Networks

Would you like to know about problems on your network before they happen? This is surely a question with an obvious answer, but you would be surprised how many organisations don't have any monitoring on their network today. The problem is that failure to pre-empt and react quickly to network errors not only costs businesses money, but also risks compromising their reputation, one of the most valuable assets for any organisation.

Once upon a time monitoring of network assets and applications such as servers, network fabric and applications, would have been something reserved for the very large organisations or perhaps carriers.

They had to provide consistently high levels of service to their customers and built Network Operation Centres to ensure resilient 24/7 monitoring to help them identify and solve any server issues before they developed into serious problems. Today it is an essential best practice for organisations large and small - without appropriate trouble shooting in place one can only sit back and wait for IT issues to manifest themselves, by which time the damage is often already done.

Without the appropriate support infrastructure in place, businesses are exposing themselves to high risk as demonstrated by the server fault at Blackberry manufacturer Research in Motion (RIM) this week, rumoured to be a database and core switch problem, which sent Blackberry smart phones offline in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, affecting millions of users. This is proof that even a global organisation and technology specialist, such as RIM, isn't immune to such dangers.

Growing demands for high standards of IT services as a result of our ever increasing fast paced technology culture means that the IT expert must be continually available and ready to help with any networking issues. Today, the cost outlay required for businesses to invest in resilient network monitoring and management is significantly less than it once was, as a result of rapidly developing technologies which have enabled even the smallest start-up to strengthen their network defences.

However, for businesses to have control it is essential that infrastructure is monitored in a holistic way and reported on in near real-time, taking into account priority of assets to ensure that any network problems or errors are quickly intercepted and prevented from impacting on the smooth running of a business, and mitigating risk.

Simon Richardson brings more than 15 years of IT industry experience to ITogether. Simon manages the overall technical strategy and service delivery of the business as well as its day to day activities and product and service portfolio. An expert in enterprise network security, Simon is focused on driving the growth of ITogether's corporate client base through its world class vendor portfolio and managed services.