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£199 Cello 32" LCD TV & DVD

Have you imagined a 32-inch LCD and a DVD combo for under £200 and that too with 5 Years of guarantee? Well, the Cello 32'' LCD TV & DVD is one such TV that comes at sub-£200 price tag and serves as a good entry level model for an LCD TV.

The TV is capable of presenting a visual output at 4000:1 contrast ration with 1366 x 768 pixel resolution. The response time is quite low and this enables the TV to present fast moving graphics with quite an ease and without any blurring.

Cello has put in many connectivity options such as 3 HDMI ports, a SCART port, one component video in, a USB port. The HDMI ports would enable you to connect gaming console, HDMI equipped cameras, etc and lets you enjoy games, photos, videos with quite an ease.

The TV has in-built DVD player that would enable you to enjoy movies straight away out of the box and saves you from the extra cost involved with buying an external DVD player. Speaker output is not that bad either with 2x6W speakers.

The Cello 32" LCD TV & DVD Combo is wall mountable as well and comes with 5 years guarantee from M&S and is available for £199.