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Apple, HTC Supplier Closes Pending Environmental Inspection in China; May Affect Sales

A Taiwan-based Apple supplier, which provides metal cases for MacBook devices, has announced it will be shutting down some of its operations due to pollution complaints from residents.

Catcher Technology, which operates out of Suzhou city, announced it will be shutting down some of its operations. China’s environment authorities have asked the company to close down the operation for inspection after residents complained about unbearable smells coming from the factory.

Catcher Technology Chairman Hung Shui-shu announced that the shut down might affect 40 percent of its supply chain. The company not only provides metal cases for MacBook, but also phone cases for HTC and several other major tech companies. Luo Xiaoqiang, who lives 2 KMs away from the Catcher factory, said that the smell was so unbearable that it was difficult to even sleep at night, PC World reports (opens in new tab).

“It's been so strong that even when you close the window, the fumes will still come through," she said. "When I smell it, my body just feels heavy and worse. When I don't smell it, the symptoms just go away."