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Apple Reports Record Mac Sales Despite iPad 'Cannibalization'

During Apple's quarterly earnings conference call (opens in new tab) yesterday, new Apple chief executive Tom Cook conceded that the iPad had eaten into Mac sales, although the company actually posted record figures for Mac computers.

The results show Mac sales of 4.89 million, growing 26% from the third quarter last year. Meanwhile iPads performed strongly again with sales of 11 million units having grown by 166% compared to the third quarter of last year.

Cook acknowledged the shift over the past year noting that today a "materially larger number are buying iPads over [generic] PCs."

As long as the revenue remains in house though, Tim Cook is content: "Apple is overwhelmingly coming out very well on that cannibalization. With cannibalization like this, I hope it continues."

The situation reveals a well-expected shift of the markets, with users more interested in powerful and more portable devices. Peter Oppenheimer, Apple's chief financial officer, underlined this trend showing that in the Mac category 74% of buyers decided on a portable Mac.

Oppenheimer added that desktop sales also reached a new record, primarily because of the new iMacs. Particular attention was given to the Japanese market, where they saw a 48% increase in Mac sales for the quarter despite the PC market barely growing at all.

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