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Cisco Adds FabricPatch Support to Nexus Data Centre Switches

Enterprise networking giant Cisco has updated its Nexus line of data centre switches with new product introductions.

According to Network World the company updated its Cisco Unified Fabric portfolio, which contains the Nexus data centre switches and MDS storage switches, with new switching offerings which will allow businesses to deal with the heavy internet traffic volumes.

Cisco has introduced new capabilities for the Nexus 7000 series of switches and has added Cisco FabricPath support for the Nexus 5500 switch. According to Cisco, the second generation Nexus 7000 switches are capable streaming 4.5 million Netflix movies simultaneously and download 250 million photos uploaded to Facebook every day in 114 seconds.

The company also added new switches to the Nexus 3000 range which are capable of sub-microsecond latency. Cisco has also introduced a virtual version of its ASA security appliance.

"Aimed at helping our customers to achieve their business goals faster and with less risk, Cisco's pace of data centre innovation is unrivalled, and with over 19,000 NX-OS customers, it's clear that the market has embraced Cisco's fabric approach as the foundation for their data centre architecture," said John McCool, senior vice president and General Manager, Core Technology Group, Cisco.