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Google Creates Guide to Educate Users about Company Information Gathering Policies

Google has unveiled a new guide to educate users about Google tools and products, and help by providing more information and tips about online privacy and safety.

Dubbed 'Good To Know,' the new guide is aimed at spreading more awareness amongst its users when it comes to knowing what’s been happening to their Google data. In addition, the guide will also help users understand how they can control the way their data is used.

According to analysts, this new move taken by the search giant will help users understand how much Google actually knows about them, and how they can influence that knowledge in their own favor. Surprisingly, however, the company unwrapped the new guide on a rather quiet note.

"Good To Know is an interesting thing for Google to do right now. Google has definitely had its share of privacy blunders, and ongoing issues about privacy and seemingly pathological issues around anonymity remain,” reads a CNet report covering this latest development.

Having mentioned that, Google should be credited for putting up this new guide - something that no other major tech company has come up with.