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Google Launches New Android OS Platform, Ice Cream Sandwich

Google has finally unveiled its latest version of the Android OS platform.

Dubbed Ice Cream Sandwich, the new Android OS platform has a wide range of new features, as well as a refurbished user interface. Android Ice Cream Sandwich was developed in collaboration with the South Korea based Galaxy maker Samsung Electronics. It is important to note that Samsung’s Galaxy handset will be the first handset powered by the new Android OS.

The timing of the launch is considered to be a well thought out strategic move by the company. It was only last week when arch rival Apple rolled out iOS 5 - the new version of its proprietary operating software that powers Apple devices such as the iPhone and iPad.

Ice Cream Sandwich, which will also be known as Android 4.0, has been aimed at providing the company’s partners with an unified platform for developing both smartphones and tablet devices. Previously, Google was making two different versions of Android, of which one, Honeycomb was dedicated to tablet devices only.

For those Android fans, the release of Ice Cream Sandwich will be a welcome event; one not soon forgotten.